Three Girls and a Leading Man

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Three Girls and a Leading Man (Three Girls #3) By: Rachel Schurig


Annie Duncan has never put much stock in true love. Sure, she loves dating, but she gets more than her share of drama working as a struggling actress—she can live without the romantic kind, thank you very much. Instead, Annie focuses her energy on her two best friends, Jen and Ginny. And now that she finally appears to be getting her big break, Annie couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. When she meets Nate during a weekend away in Vegas, she figures she’ll just have an exhilarating fling—even if he is totally adorable and clearly into her. But when Annie finds herself falling for Nate, she’s faced with a choice she never wanted to make. In Three Girls and a Leading Man, Annie Duncan attempts to chase her dreams and keep her heart under control. Her heart, however, may have different ideas!


I completely forgot to write this review. Read the book and just moved right on. I felt a little cheated by this series. The first book was really good, the main character had a lot of growth. The two following weren’t as good. This isn’t completely uncommon in books but still not any less disappointing.

Throughout the book I kept thinking can a book later in a series retroactively make the first book worse? I don’t think so in this case. I think what it boiled down to was I wasn’t the market for this book. I don’t consider myself old, I’m only twenty-eight, and the New Adult genre should still be accessible to me, but I was never this young.

It felt like every few pages she was going out drinking or dancing or just staying in home drinking. The book should have had a hangover cure at the end. I realize I’m in the minority when it comes to drinking, I have no problem with it I just don’t see the need to drink until I feel sick the next day.

Anyway, the drinking was just a very small part of the overall story but it perfectly highlighted what I didn’t like about the story. I’ll still read books by Rachel Schurig, in fact I have another of her books purchased and ready to read, I’m just going to give her a little rest first.


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