Johnny and the Bomb

Johnny and the Bomb

Johnny and the Bomb (Johnny Maxwell Trilogy #3) By: Terry Pratchett


Everyone thinks that Mrs Tachyon is just the local bag lady, a bit smelly and a bit mad. But Mrs Tachyon is somehow at the centre of an amazing time travel facility. Johnny and his friends find themselves transported back 50 years, where no-one’s ever heard of a biro, let alone a Big Mac.


Well I didn’t get the closure I was looking for, but in the end I don’t think that’s a bad thing. This is a children’s book and I was trying to remember when I was a child if I cared about what happened later to characters. Unfortunately I can’t remember, maybe I didn’t and that’s why it happens so often in children’s books. Kids don’t think that far into the future so why should their books.

I really enjoyed this series, even though it was a kids book it didn’t mess around. Johnny may think that he’s an idiot but he’s a lot smarter than he gives himself credit and honestly I wish there was more about him. The fact that so much happens around him and the theory that it’s because his imagination is so big his head can’t contain it, is interesting.

It has definitely made me want to read more Terry Pratchett. I’ve read Good Omens and loved it. I read the first Discworld book and thought it was ok, but wasn’t inspired to read further. I might have to try the second one.


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