I love movies, books, TV shows, and the occasional video game.

I also have opinions. If I’m being honest I also, sometimes, forget why I didn’t like or liked something, if enough time has passed.

Thus this site was born. A way for me to express my opinions and keep a record of what I’ve consumed. It’s worked out great for me for a while now.

I’m a twenty-nine thirty- two thirty-four year old stay at home mom, so I don’t always get to see movies when they first come out. It also takes me longer than it did to read a book. So what I review will probably not be the latest new releases. I utilize the crap out of Hulu so any pilots or TV shows I review will more than likely not be on air date either.

I will try to keep to a schedule. Movie reviews will be posted on Tuesday and Friday, while book reviews will be posted on Wednesday and Saturday. If I see a movie in theaters I will post as soon as I can. TV show pilot reviews will be posted as soon as I’ve watched them, which could be anywhere from airdate to a week later.

I will post reviews when I’m able too.

I welcome opposing, or like minded, opinions and look forward to reading them in my comments!

In an effort to help pay for my entertainment habit I’ve added Amazon & Disney Store affiliate links to some of my posts. This means if you click on them and buy something I get a little bit of money. Thank you!


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