I love movies, books, TV shows, and the occasional video game.

I also have opinions. If I’m being honest I also, sometimes, forget why I didn’t like or liked something, if enough time has passed.

Thus this site was born. A way for me to express my opinions and keep a record of what I’ve consumed. It’s worked out great for me for a while now.

I’m a twenty-nine thirty- two thirty-four year old stay at home mom, so I don’t always get to see movies when they first come out. It also takes me longer than it did to read a book. So what I review will probably not be the latest new releases. I utilize the crap out of Hulu so any pilots or TV shows I review will more than likely not be on air date either.

I will try to keep to a schedule. Movie reviews will be posted on Tuesday and Friday, while book reviews will be posted on Wednesday and Saturday. If I see a movie in theaters I will post as soon as I can. TV show pilot reviews will be posted as soon as I’ve watched them, which could be anywhere from airdate to a week later.

I will post reviews when I’m able too.

I welcome opposing, or like minded, opinions and look forward to reading them in my comments!

In an effort to help pay for my entertainment habit I’ve added Amazon & Disney Store affiliate links to some of my posts. This means if you click on them and buy something I get a little bit of money. Thank you!



  1. Hey there I just wanted to point out something on your Toybox list. You include the RC racer figure from toy story. Although this item says on the box that it is compatible with toybox figures it does not bear the toy box logo and is not considered part of the line.

    There are quite a few people who do like to consider it part of the collection and if you are one of those then let me bring to your attention The Incredibles car from Incredibles 2. There is an RC version of that car that is also listed on the box as compatible with toybox figures. It is exactly like the RC racer. So if you’re going to include these figures you’re missing The Incredibles car

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think what happened there is that the RC racer figure came up when I searched Toybox at the Disney Store website. You’re right it doesn’t have the Toybox logo on it, it’s just included in the product name on their store. The Incredibles car must not have ever popped up for me.
      It’s obviously no longer on the store and a quick Google search isn’t showing me one that looks compatible with the figures. I’ll have to look into it further.
      Thanks for letting me know!


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