Star Ratings

Five Stars means that I loved it. If it’s a book I’m probably already planning on rereading it and if possible I’ll buy it in hardcover. If it’s a movie or TV show I’m planning on buying it and I more than likely won’t wait for a sale.

Four Stars means that I pretty much loved it but that it was missing something to push it up the rating scale. I will want to own it but if it’s a book eBook format will be fine and I’ll probably wait for it to be on sale if it’s a movie/TV show.

Three Stars means I liked it but it didn’t elicit a strong emotion from me. I’ll still recommend it to people and I might even re-watch if I see it on TV and I’m bored. If it’s a book I more than likely won’t re-read but if it’s the first in a series I will continue with the series. I give out a lot of three stars and I don’t consider it a bad rating.

Two Stars means that I really didn’t like it. There were multiple things that caused me to dislike it and there was probably only one redeemable factor in the entire thing.

One Star means that I completely hated it. There will be multiple reasons why and I will probably be angry at whatever it is. I don’t give out many one stars.


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