NEW Disney Toybox Figures

Woke up today to a few new sets showing up on the Disney store online.

First, we’ve got a re-release of Thor where his face has been changed slightly and his eyes make him look deranged. He was the first Marvel figure released and there hasn’t been a re-release of him, unlike all the others. So if you missed out on roided out Thor, here you are. Loki has been reskinned but other than that looks the same.

Now, this isn’t part of the main line, it’s considered an Action Figure Set. It’s also the only way to get Gamora if you’ve been wanting her. Rocket and Groot look the same as in their previous release. While Star Lord appears to be another reskin only. I like his new colors though.

Last we’ve got two new Troopers and a new droid. The Clone Trooper looks a lot like the already released Captain Rex, but at this point, the Troopers are all starting to run together. Did you know they were the only cool figure type thing in the Star Wars universe?

Droids wise, C-3P0 has a silver leg, but R5-D4 is the only new one in this set. Though, this has been the first time you could get D-0 without having to buy the full Millenium Falcon set with Rey. This set is a couple dollars cheaper than that was at launch.

I’ve been a bit down on the Toybox line recently. I’m unimpressed with the appearance of the newer figures and the price has skyrocketed. Still, I am glad to see new releases. I’ll keep holding out hope they return to the adorable looking Disney Infinity aesthetic, though.

Disney Toybox Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch

So we’ve got a new Marvel Toybox figure set. The new Doctor Strange movie comes out in a little over a week so it’s not too surprising to see. However, I’m getting tired of these two packs. Almost $40 (more when taking into consideration tax and shipping since it’s from the online store) is just too much for me.

Anyway, the figures look exactly like the already released ones. It’s been a while since the Doctor Strange figure was released so it’s nice to see him out and about again. This will be the second pairing Scarlet Witch has had, the first was with Vision. She has never been available on her own.

Style-wise I think they did a good job with these figures. Strange is an older one so he was before they kind of moved away from what I liked about the figures, to begin with, but Scarlet Witch looks fine too. It appears as though they both now come with little accessories that they didn’t have before.

I’m excited to see the new movie and it’s always nice to see new figures pop up.

Disney Toybox: Shadow Trooper & R2-Q5

We’ve got a new stormtrooper in the Disney Toybox Star Wars line. They are some of my favorite figures, even though they aren’t the best at standing up. This one is less stylized than past ones, but I feel they’ve been moving away from the original Disney Infinity look. Which is a bummer as that’s what originally got me started collecting them.

This is considered a two-figure set, so because of that, it’s more expensive than others. The new price of $26.99 is ridiculous in my opinion, though. Since it’s Star Wars and pretty cool looking it could disappear from the online store fast. If it doesn’t, I expect it to drop in price fairly quickly. Depending on how many they made I don’t see a lot of people spending that much on a stormtrooper, no matter how cool looking.

On the back of the box, there’s a picture of a Boba Fett and Stormtrooper pack. The stormtrooper looks like one that’s already been released. However, the Boba Fett looks different from the previous one.

I’m still a bit shocked at that price. I realize we’ve had supply shortages, but that seems crazy. For comparison, the Ashoka Tano and Captain Rex set is only $18.99. I hope this isn’t a new price point because I will definitely not be continuing my collection at that price.

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)


John R. Cherry III


Ed Turner

B. Kline


Jim Varney

Douglas Seale

Oliver Clark

Noelle Parker


Ernest helps Santa Claus as he searches for his successor.


Ernest movies are…unique. Jim Varney was a treasure and his characters are off the wall. It’s a slapstick comedy with Varney dressing up as a few different people. There are a few funny moments, and I’d say most of the movie has aged fine. Ernest comes off as a good man, borderline lovable idiot, but he’s not stupid. He just thinks outside of the box.

I’m not much of a fan of these movies. I don’t have a problem with them. All that means is that I have no nostalgia attached to this one and I don’t have strong feelings one way or another about Ernest Saves Christmas. It was fine. Not something I have to add to my yearly rotation, but it was nice to watch something new.


I’ve already written reviews and thoughts for most, if not all, of my usual Christmas movies, so this December might be lighter than usual with reviews. I will try to watch new movies, though. It’s one of my favorite parts of the season.

A Castle for Christmas (2021)

A Castle for Christmas (2021)



Mary Lambert


Ally Carter

Kim Beyer-Johnson


Brooke Shields

Cary Elwes


To escape a scandal, a bestselling author journeys to Scotland, where she falls in love with a castle – and faces off with the grumpy duke who owns it.


I was surprised how much I enjoyed A Castle for Christmas. I love these types of movies but so often you can tell the budget was nonexistent. Scenes get cut, makeup is horrible, the dialog is awkward, and set decorations are minimal. A Castle for Christmas probably had a higher budget than other Christmas romance movies, but I’m sure it wasn’t huge, and most went to the stars. Still, they used their budget wisely and it showed.

It’s hard to do a romance with an “older” couple. It can come often as overly sentimental and all about companionship. People of all ages fuck. Chemistry adds a LOT to a romance movie and Shields and Elwes had it.

A Castle for Christmas also had the addition of wish fulfillment. Shields was a successful author with a loving daughter, she befriended an entire village, and she bought a castle. Then she winds up with freaking Westley. You could not get much better than that. Christmas romance needs that in the story. While the world is burning around you and the holidays are stressing you out seeing someone on-screen live the life you’d like while also having to overcome “small” hurdles is its own kind of therapy.

Netflix has been delivering these holiday romance movies for a few years now and I hope they continue. I need them. I look forward to them. My only complaint is I want MORE.