New Disney Toybox Action Figure Sets

For those of you with large disposable incomes, or for who Toybox collecting is a super serious hobby, Disney has some new sets for you. If you’re a Hawkguy or War Machine fan a $130 set is the only way you’ll be able to get them.

The Captain America figure really nails what I love about this series. The whole aesthetic. You can really see the Disney Infinity influence there. Honestly, it really shows how lacking and boring the other figures are IMO. Oh well, I’ll stop.


New Star Wars Toybox Figures

It’s been a while, at least it feels like it since we’ve had some new Star Wars toybox figures. I gotta say, though, I’m not super impressed with these. I’m happy to finally have an Obi-Wan figure, but the Darth Vader looks exactly the same as the one that’s already been released and since it’s two full figures in a pack that means this is $25. I don’t know about you, but inflation has hit my family hard and while a $12 purchase could be kind of justified, $25 is outside of my impulse buy limit. Oh well.

Luke looks like a deer caught in the headlights lol. It’s nice to have a different version of him, cause this is more than just a repaint job, but his face was phoned in. R2 looks the same, but this is the first time we’ve had baby Yoda (Grogu) available outside of his bassinet. Still, this one is even more expensive at $27. How have I been priced out of toys??? lol

Oh well, it’s nice to still see them coming out. I’m just going to hope that when my financial situation changes that they return to the look of the original ones that I preferred. The whole Disney Infinity aesthetic. You can see it with the Darth Vader figure, but it’s clearly a lot less visible in the Obi-Wan and Luke figures. I would say it’s harder to do that look with Baby Yoda, but I’ve got a regular Yoda that nailed it.

Not the Witch You Wed

Not the Witch You Wed (Supernatural Singles #1)

By: April Asher


A fake relationship between a magic-less witch and a wolf shifter turns to more in the start of a bewitching new paranormal rom-com series.

Magic-less witch Violet Maxwell wants nothing to do with alpha wolf shifter Lincoln Thorne—the man who broke her fragile, teenage heart. But when the two of them are forced by arcane Supernatural Laws to find mates, Violet and Lincoln agree to fake-date their way to a fake-mating in order to conjure themselves some time.

The joke’s on them. When old feelings make a reappearance—along with Violet’s magic—they both realize there’s nothing fake about their feelings. But there are old secrets and looming threats that could snatch away their happily ever after, again. One thing’s for sure: magic doesn’t make dating and love any easier.

In Not the Witch You Wed, April Asher brings all the hilarity and sweet, sexy moments you love in a romantic-comedy—plus a fun dose of magic—to this spell-binding new series about being sexy, single, and supernatural in New York City.


I’m learning that I am incredibly picky when it comes to supernatural romance books. I apparently have something I’m looking for and if it’s not that, whatever it is, then I’m not a fan of the book. I honestly could not tell you what it is either. Just that Not the Witch You Wed didn’t have it.

Alright, I’m done italicizing. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Not the Witch You Wed. A witch with no powers and an alpha wolf. Sounds perfect. Witch ends up getting her powers, sounds even better. I was bored, though. There’s even a whole thing with them working to overthrow outdated laws, and still I couldn’t get invested.

I think part of my issue was that the reasons behind the fake dating didn’t make sense. They both either needed to overthrow laws or find mates to avoid being married off too people they didn’t know. So, lets fake date. Somehow that was supposed to help? I guess it was supposed to keep the powers that be from trying to force them to marry sooner? It didn’t make sense. The magic laws and setup were not to my liking and not because they were old and dated, but because they just didn’t make sense.

The romance was fine. There was lots of chemistry between the two characters. The friends were alright. I liked a lot of the “ingredients” I just didn’t like how they were used. I’m giving Not the Witch You Wed 2.5 stars because I didn’t hate it and it wasn’t bad, but it was not for me, and I don’t see myself reading the next books in the series anytime soon, if ever.


Fevered Star

Fevered Star (Between Earth and Sky #2)

By: Rebecca Roanhorse


There are no tides more treacherous than those of the heart. —Teek saying

The great city of Tova is shattered. The sun is held within the smothering grip of the Crow God’s eclipse, but a comet that marks the death of a ruler and heralds the rise of a new order is imminent.

The Meridian: a land where magic has been codified and the worship of gods suppressed. How do you live when legends come to life, and the faith you had is rewarded?

As sea captain Xiala is swept up in the chaos and currents of change, she finds an unexpected ally in the former Priest of Knives. For the Clan Matriarchs of Tova, tense alliances form as far-flung enemies gather and the war in the heavens is reflected upon the earth.

And for Serapio and Naranpa, both now living avatars, the struggle for free will and personhood in the face of destiny rages. How will Serapio stay human when he is steeped in prophecy and surrounded by those who desire only his power? Is there a future for Naranpa in a transformed Tova without her total destruction?


I read Black Sun last year because I loved the cover, and it came highly recommended. I loved it, however, it ended on a massive cliffhanger. I had not expected that and was annoyed, but did I wait until the third book in the trilogy was out before reading the second? No. I did not.

Fevered Star is as good as Black Sun (though I prefer Black Sun’s cover). You’re following the same characters, most of whom I actually like, and all I find interesting. I have hope that the romance will still have a happy ending, but I’m not one hundred percent because people have died in the story.

The world is interesting, but I am so glad there are maps included because several times I found myself looking at them and I almost never do that. I was annoyed that I couldn’t see all of the map because of how the library processes their books. I was also very grateful for the character list at the beginning on the book for the same reason. Lots of people and most of the time they aren’t overlapping so they each have their own cast.

There is, of course, no resolution at the end of this book. It’s a trilogy, I believe, so Fevered Star spent a lot of time setting things in motion. However, I didn’t feel like I was left reeling like I was at the end of Black Sun. All in all, I’m excited to see the conclusion to the series and I hope it’s not too long of a wait.


Breaking Badger

Breaking Badger (Honey Badger Chronicles #4)

By: Shelly Laurenston


It’s instinct that drives Finn Malone to rescue a bunch of hard battling honey badgers. The Siberian tiger shifter just can’t bear to see his fellow shifters harmed. But no way can Finn have a houseful of honey badgers when he also has two brothers with no patience. Things just go from bad to worse when the badgers rudely ejected from his home turn out to be the only ones who can help him solve a family tragedy. He’s just not sure he can even get back into the badgers’ good graces. Since badgers lack graces of any kind . . .

Mads knows her teammates aren’t about to forgive the cats that were so rude to them, but moody Finn isn’t so bad. And he’s cute! The badger part of her understands Finn’s burning need to avenge his father’s death—after all, vengeance is her favorite pastime. So Mads sets about helping Finn settle his family’s score, which has its perks, since she gets to avoid her own family drama. Besides, fighting side by side with Finn is her kind of fun—especially when she can get in a hot and heavy snuggle with her very own growling, eye-rolling, and utterly irresistible kitty-cat . . .


It’s been a few months since I read the other Honey Badger Chronicles books, so it took me a couple chapters to remember who everyone was and what had happened. They are fairly interconnected even though each book follows a different couple. Breaking Badger is the first in the series not to follow a sister and has branched out to follow a member of the basketball team. Still, there were parts just from the sister’s perspective.

Mads is half badger, half hyena, and all Viking. She was raised in an abusive environment, even based on standards in this world, and she has some things to work through. Finn is a tiger and is working with his siblings to find out who murdered his father. Like previous books in the series, this isn’t heavy on romance. There’s one date and one intimate scene and everything else is just them gravitating towards each other. The Honey Badger Chronicles is an action series with women leads, lots of absurd humor, and a dash of romance. I wouldn’t be surprised if the inspiration behind this series was that YouTube video about a honey badger and a dare.

Breaking Badger is entertaining and fun to read, but there’s nothing deep or amazing here. It’s a nice light read and sometimes that’s all you need. Since the murder wasn’t solved I assume the next couple of books will be revolving around the tiger brothers.