How Precious Was That While

2af9808a8da0fb3a305e5110_LHow Precious Was That While By Piers Anthony

Is it possible for an autobiography to be self absorbed? It’s been a while since I’ve read one so maybe that’s just how they’re supposed to feel. It just isn’t my month when it comes to bios. Piers Anthony came off as a bully who can hold a grudge indefinitely. Which is weird because he kept on saying that he hated bullies, it just felt like in his fight against them he became one. Most of the book was an accounting of how various people and publishers tried to screw him over, how much smarter he was then everyone, and over all just what an amazing person he is.

On Writing by Stephen King made King come off as just a normal guy that just happens to be a bestselling novelist that the world loves. How Precious Was That While was Anthony telling you every few pages that he was a bestselling author and how much money he’d made. Overall it was very difficult to read.


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