A Girl and Her Monster

a girl and her monster

A Girl and Her Monster By: Landon Porter


There is a legend in this world of a weapon that only the most wicked of souls seek. It has passed down through the years since before the coming of the gods and each time it’s been found, it granted its master the power to conquer. The power to rule. In the past, it was known by another name, but now it is only known by Rune Breaker.

After decades of dormancy, it just found a new master.

Only this time, things will be different. The new master of the Rune Breaker is an escaped slave-soldier of the Hailene Army of Ascendancy. She never sought the weapon. She does not want to conquer or rule.

Making that choice won’t be easy, for the Rune Breaker is not a sword or bow, but a man; a shapeshifting mage bound to serve whoever finds him as punishment for his ancient crimes. And his sentence has done nothing to reform him. Now, with a villain from before history bound to serve a heroic soul, the question must be answered: Can evil be turned to the cause of good, or is the taint of darkness all corrupting and absolute?

Before they can find out, they must brave a world alien to both of them and the attentions of a foe who stalks them in hopes of gaining access to a power beyond the gods.


There were several things about this book that I really enjoyed and a couple things I didn’t. Story and characters were great. World building could have been a bit better, but since it use to be a web series I understand the lack.

I don’t like to mention editing in reviews (I have my reasons) but I thought this book could be better if it had some more done. The book wasn’t bad but there were some misspelled words, some sentences that could have been written better, that sort of thing. It didn’t make the book unreadable by any means but it did make me a little sad because I think it could have reached another level with just a bit more work.

A Goodreads review had this to say and I thought it really summed up my feelings on the book:

“Essentially: this story is good enough to make you wish it were better, but promising enough to make you believe it will get there. I am up for the journey.”

I will be buying the next book, totally worth $2.99


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