Ahvarra: The Heart of the World


Ahvarra: The Heart of the World By Brian J. Lang


The island of Lorenya is slowly being eaten by a black desert known as the Raught, and its inhabitants—both humans and a transforming race known as Ameleons—need a solution. Such a solution may exist in their own world, at the ruins of a battlefield that lies across the treacherous Raught, while another may exist by passing through Ahvarra, the Heart of the World, that connects Lorenya to a mid 21st century Earth. Can history and technology combine to save one small world?


The book is well plotted. There are several characters you follow and they all eventually intertwine. There were a couple characters I liked more than others and I didn’t want to leave them, but Lang made it very obvious who you were with so there was never any confusion.


There ended up being only one bad guy and in the end he redeemed himself, kind of, which I didn’t expect. I don’t look for bad guys to try to redeem themselves (unless that’s what the book is about) I just assume they’ll eventually become evil.

The whole book was really a giant misunderstanding and the people of Lorenya came off as not being very curious.

I’m interested to see if he will be continuing the series since there’s an even bigger world we never got to see. It would also be interesting to see if the real world makes any kind of impact.

It looks like the file the author uploaded was possibly double spaced so even after I made what changes the kindle allows there was still more spacing on each page than I was use to. It by no means made the book unreadable, it just meant that I turned the page more often than usual. Since I have an older kindle my desire for a newer one is now increased. The formatting does not impact my review, I’ve seen too many traditional and indie published struggle with formatting. It was just something I thought I’d mention.


This is currently running as a Kindle Countdown Deal and is available for $1.99 a steal at that price


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