True By Laurann Dohner (New Species #11)

 I really like this series but I’m not sure why. Super dominate males don’t really do it for me but the world is very well created and really interesting. I might actually like a book set in this world without a romance. Obviously that’s not going to happen but if anyone knows a book like this without romance or with light romance let me know.

I was a bit disappointed with this one, though the heroine wasn’t as weak as others in the series have been. I was surprised to find a few editing issues, which just proves self-publishing isn’t the only side suffering from lack of editing. Maybe it’s because Dohner had a heart attack around this book release.

True was fairly one dimensional, which sometimes happens with her men, though not always. The world wasn’t as developed further as I would have liked and she depicts most male humans as bastards.

Overall the book just wasn’t as good as Moon, the previous one.


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