Leverage (2008-2012)





Timothy Hutton

Gina Bellman

Aldis Hodge

Christian Kane

Beth Riesgraf


A crew of high-tech crooks attempt to steal from wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen.


I recently binge watched all of the seasons of Leverage. It took me longer than pre-baby but oh well.

The first four seasons were lacking in any kind of character development, but the heist of a week wasn’t a bad deal. Really the only development was with Nate, Timothy Hutton’s character, and it wasn’t forward development. Poor Parker, Beth Riesgraf, didn’t grow at all and then in the fifth season she became an almost different person.

The last season was character development overload. Back story was being learned on Parker and Elliot, Christian Kane, that had never been mentioned before. Parker and Hardison, Aldis Hodge, were definitely dating and there was even PDA. Nate and Sophie, Gina Bellman, were also most certainly in a relationship. It had been alluded to in previous seasons but there was never really anything positive there. She was always trying to get him to stop drinking and he was always trying to drink.

Technically I think it could have ended with season four but I really enjoyed the fact that the characters actually got to stretch out of their molds and grow in season five.


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