Mystery Girls Episode Review

mystery girls

Mystery Girls Episode Review


ABC Family


Jennie Garth

Tori Spelling

Miguel Pinzon


The comedy series follows two former detective TV show starlets brought back together by a real-life mystery.


So I have an unexplainable fascination with Tory Spelling. I’ve watched her reality TV shows, I’ve read her books, I pick up any magazine that has her featured, and I can’t explain why. I never watched Beverly Hills 90210 and I’ve never really liked any movie I’ve seen her in. Still when I read about this I immediately set my calendar up to remind me to record.

First off I knew the premise of the show going in but I must have somehow missed where they explained it in the first episode. The opening scene was so ridiculous and over the top I thought it had to be a flash back to their show. It wasn’t.

Throughout the episode you could piece together that they were once on a TV show together and solved mysteries but what they were doing now wasn’t really explained. They had an office together and I guess they were detective but why were they doing it now?

I thought the first episode was going to be an origin story I guess. Reading more into it the episode that aired first was actually the third episode. I’d really like to know why they did that because if you hadn’t read anything about the show you would have no idea what was going on.

I’ll tune in for another couple of episodes but I don’t see myself sticking around for more than that.


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