Delusion in Death


Delusion in Death (In Death #35) By: J.D. Robb


It was just another after-work happy-hour bar downtown, where business professionals unwound with a few drinks, complained about the boss, maybe hooked up with someone for the night. Until something went terribly wrong. At first it was just a friction in the air. The noise intensified. The crowd seemed oppressive. some sharp words were exchanged, some pushing and shoving. Then the madness descended. And after twelve minutes of chaos and violence, eighty people lay dead. Eve Dallas is trying to sort out the inexplicable events. Surviving witnesses talk about seeing things—monsters and swarms of bees. They describe sudden, overwhelming feelings of fear and rage and paranoia. When forensics makes its report, the mass delusions make more sense: it appears the bar patrons were exposed to a cocktail of chemicals and illegal drugs that could drive people to temporary insanity—if not kill them outright. But that doesn’t explain who would unleash such horror—or why. Eve’s husband, Roarke, happens to own the bar, yet he’s convinced the attack wasn’t directed at him. It’s bigger than that. And if Eve can’t figure it out fast, it could happen again, anytime, anywhere. Because it’s airborne….


You’d think after thirty-five books things would start to get boring or maybe a bit formulaic. But other than a few things here and there they haven’t. Eve does tend to get gut feelings that don’t seem to be based in anything that’s been written up to that point but that’s what makes her Eve.

This story had a high body count and was pretty interesting. It’s always nice to put women hating sociopaths away. Eve finally talked to Mira about her dreams and they started to get better immediately. Peabody wasn’t in this one much it was just a lot of Eve, though she did finally tell her what happened in Dallas.

Even though there wasn’t much character development for anyone, and normally that’s my favorite part, I still really liked this book. Though I am taking a break from the In Death Series, too many back to back are making my dreams weird.


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