Book, Line and Sinker

book line and sinker

Book, Line and Sinker (Library Lover’s Mystery #3) By: Jenn McKinlay


“Avast” in pirate speak means what? or stop! Answering tricky reference questions like this one provides plenty of excitement for library director Lindsey Norris. But when a shocking murder is committed in her cozy coastal town of Briar Creek, Connecticut, the question of who did it must be answered before an innocent man gets the book thrown at him… Lindsey is enjoying her second year in Briar Creek as the library director, meeting with the crafternoon club, and happily dating tour boat captain Mike Sullivan. But when a salvage company arrives in town to dig up treasure buried on Pirate Island over three hundred years ago, the locals are torn between protecting the island and welcoming the publicity.    In spite of the squabbling, Charlie Peyton, Lindsey’s downstairs neighbor, takes a job with the salvage company. But when Trudi Hargrave, the local tourism director who hired the company, is found murdered at the excavation site, Charlie becomes the chief suspect. To help him, Lindsey must do some digging of her own before the real killer buries the truth for good….


Still loving this series. There was a bit more relationship drama in this one, which I liked. The ex fiancé shows up, which is always interesting when that happens. Lindsey was a lot nicer than I would have been, however, I believe that’s probably par for the course. She’s a fairly nice person but she doesn’t let anyone walk all over her, which I love.

Basically if you find yourself in a Jenn McKinlay book and you’re the bitch/asshole more than likely you’re the one that’s going to die. It’s like wish fulfillment. It helps that those people tend to have more people willing to kill them so there are several suspects, but mainly it’s nice to see them get what’s coming to them.

Can you tell I’m a bit blood thirsty?



Side Note: I’m kind of freaking out because my library doesn’t have the next in the series. I’d love to buy it but no money. I have figured out that the library system where I use to live has it, so I’m probably going to put it on hold and then drive half an hour to get it then half an hour back and the I’ll have to take it back. I’m not sure why it’s cheaper to use the gas than buy the book. OMG I think I found a loop hole.


  1. Have you considered buying it used? Amazon and Half Price Books usually have great prices for used books. Might be much cheaper than the gas! Just a suggestion, of course.


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