Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson #4) By: Shannon Mayer

Shadowed Threads

Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson #4) By: Shannon Mayer


O’Shea is AWOL, and Tracking him is proving to be harder than I expected. Not to mention the small fact that I have the Beast of Bodmin Moor chasing me across Europe, in a race against the odds, and my life as the prize. But those things are minor compared to the secrets that finally come to light. Secrets I wish had stayed hidden in the darkness . . . .


Holy cow, some shit went down in this book. Pretty much every character that has been in the series so far was in this book. O’Shea, Faris, Doran, Milly, Berget, and almost everyone else.

Even with all those people to follow it never really got confusing. It was too exciting and fast paced to get confused.

So many twists and turns, I really hope Rylee stops trusting Faris. She seemed like she would by the end, but I hope she stays by that. He’s done too much to be forgiven or trusted.

She also seems to take oaths pretty easily. I wonder how or if it’s going to bite her in the ass?


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