Miss Buncle’s Book (Miss Buncle #1) By: D.E. Stevenson

Miss Buncles Book

Love this cover

Miss Buncle’s Book (Miss Buncle #1) By: D.E. Stevenson


Barbara Buncle is in a bind. Times are harsh, and Barbara’s bank account has seen better days. Stumped for ideas, Barbara draws inspiration from fellow residents of her quaint English village, writing a revealing novel that features the townsfolk as characters. The smashing bestseller is published under the pseudonym John Smith, which is a good thing because villagers recognize the truth. But what really turns her world around is when events in real life start mimicking events in the book. Funny, charming, and insightful, this novel reveals what happens when people see themselves through someone else’s eyes.


The cover on this book really drew me in and the story sounded fairly interesting. I got lost a few times in the language, I’m not completely up on my 50s British slang. There are also some British customs that I don’t understand, evidently you can be hurting for money and yet still have staff? I’m sure I’m missing something, but even not knowing the ins and outs of British customs I really enjoyed the book.

The peek into the lives of a small British village that is in an uproar over a book that didn’t quiet depict some people in the best light was very intriguing and entertaining. I loved the main character Barbara Buncle, she was very average, intelligence wise, but because everyone underestimated her she seemed smarter than she was.

When Sarah’s children were “kidnapped” I really wanted the masterminds to get jailed or the crap beat out of them but evidently that’s not how they doing things in Britain. I guess that’s the crass American coming out in me.

Loved the book, the next in the series is $9.99 so it’s a bit steep for an author I’m not too familiar with, but maybe I can pick it up on sale sometime.



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