The Fertile Vampire (The Montgomery Chronicles #1) By: Karen Ranney


The Fertile Vampire (The Montgomery Chronicles #1) By: Karen Ranney


Okay, so she’d dated a vampire. Maybe she got carried away one night. Becoming a vampire seemed a high price to pay for being foolish. Nor was this whole transformation thing starting off the way it was supposed to for Marcie Montgomery. She was hungry all the time – not for blood, but tacos and french fries and cheeseburgers, oh my. Then there was Niccolo Maddock, the Master Vampire who was acting as her mentor. Just what did he want? Going from being an insurance adjuster to a vampire could confuse the most level headed person and Marcie had always considered herself a pragmatist. Even when she was faced with relatives who weren’t who they’d always been, witches who were out to annihilate her, and the stunning knowledge of her own powers. Add in werewolves, shape shifters, and other Brethren and life in South Texas suddenly became very complicated. When Marcie discovered she alone could transform the vampire race, she was faced with a choice: to embrace who she was or change her destiny. Why should anything be easy?


I am not the biggest fan of vampire books. I’ve certainly read my share, but I burned out on them quicker than the rest of the world apparently. That being said the title Fertile Vampire caught my eye and after reading the sample I had to read more.

The story was fairly fast paced and I loved the fact that Marcie sought revenge for what was done to her. There were a few slower places while she moped but they were understandable considering all that was going on.

I felt sorry for Marcie and the fact that she didn’t have anyone really in her corner. She was at times annoying, but for the most part I liked her. I was definitely jealous of her ability to eat constantly and not gain weight.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.



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