Minority Report (2015-?)

Minority Report

Minority Report (2015-?)




Stark Sands

Meagon Good

Nick Zano


10 years after the end of Precrime in Washington DC one of the three PreCogs attempts to lead on a normal life while still suffering from visions of the future. Will they be able to hold it together or mentally breakdown and give up?


It doesn’t make sense for someone with uncontrollable precognitive abilities to live in a large city where violent crime occurs frequently. Big cities are nice, but they aren’t worth what he goes through. He gave a kind of explanation, but you don’t have to live in isolation, there is a middle ground.

The tech was cool looking with moments of me rolling my eyes. I don’t know how they can keep that budget up past the first episode, though.

Honestly the show just makes me bitter that it isn’t Almost Human. It has some potential, but I’m close to my cap on cop shows so I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching past the next couple episodes.



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