Arrow Season Four Episode One – Green Arrow – CW Wednesday @ 8 EST


Arrow Season Four Episode One – Green Arrow – CW Wednesday @ 8 EST

Life has been a bit hectic in my house so I apologize for missing a post, it probably won’t be the last because I’m very behind on a lot of things. Life, man.

Anyway, Arrow was probably not the best episode of television I’ve watched this week, but it was certainly the one I had the most comments on. I’ll start off with what I disliked and then try and end on a positive.

Did not like Diggle’s new costume, the helmet looked very cumbersome and like it would be more of a hindrance then a help in a fight situation. Also didn’t like any of the Felicity/Oliver scenes, which makes me sad. I’ve loved Felicity since the beginning, but I really don’t think she should have gotten together with Oliver, they just don’t work as a couple. It’s too domestic, maybe when he’s older, way older, but not now. I can only see one satisfying way out for the character, though, and I don’t like it.

Pros. I liked Thea. She’s clearly enjoying her new violent lifestyle and I think it might be interesting to see how far she’ll go before realizing she has a problem. It is a CW show so they had to throw in the big brother talk and her brushing him off like a silly teenager, but since the Felicity/Oliver bits were worse it was easy to overlook.

I also noticed that Oliver and Diggle seem to be a lot more buff then they were, especially Diggle. It’s obvious what they were doing this summer.

I also liked the addition of mysticism in the Arrow/Flash universe. It’s in DC comics so I’m glad to see it enter the TV shows.

The surprise at the end I totally didn’t see and then the very ending could end up being so many people that I’m only sixty percent sure I know who it is.

Ultimately I’m looking forward to the new season but this episode didn’t blow me away.


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