Rainy Day Kisses By: Debbie Macomber

Rainy Day Kisses

Rainy Day Kisses By: Debbie Macomber


While Susannah Simmons struggles up the corporate ladder, her neighbor Nate Townsend stays home baking cookies and flying kites. She resents the way he questions her values and the way he messes up her five-year plan when she falls in love with him!


This was clearly not written recently, a quick check of the front matter shows that it was originally published in 1990 and boy was it obvious. Lots of dated views on women in the work place and at times it was infuriating to read.

Susannah was your typical career minded woman, she had to deal with a lot of issues at work being the only women that high up in her office. It wasn’t until Macomber started having everyone tell Susannah that she needed to be married with a child that things started to get uncomfortable. Then when Nate starts telling her that if she continues down that path she’ll be unsatisfied and alone that it started to irk me. Come on people, that’s not the message we’re supposed to be telling women. We can have it all and then some, right?!?

Anyway, the book was old and very cliché. The conflict could have been completely avoided if Susannah had asked a very easy and common question or if Nate had volunteered information very early on. Their reasoning for not doing so was weak.

The end has been done before and felt rushed. Christmas played no part in this book even though it was paired in a Christmas Wishes double book, it was set in September and at one point she sang a Christmas song. That was it.

Overall disappointed and would not recommend.



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