Star Nomad (Fallen Empire #1) By: Lindsay Buroker

Star Nomad (Fallen Empire #1) By: Lindsay Buroker


They have her daughter. She will stop at nothing to get her back.

When system-wide civil war broke out, fighter pilot Captain Alisa Marchenko left her family and accepted a commission in the Alliance Army to battle the empire’s tyranny. Four years later, the empire has been toppled, but chaos and anarchy now rule the system. Alisa, after being injured in the final battle, is stranded on a dustball of a planet billions of miles from home. She learns that her husband died during the bombings, leaving their daughter on Perun, a planet that has become the last imperial stronghold.

Alisa must find a way to Perun, even if she has to steal a dilapidated ship from a junkyard overrun by murdering savages to do it. She’s ready for the challenge. She did not, however, count on finding an elite imperial cyborg soldier squatting in the ship and planning to use it for a mysterious mission of his own. Alisa can’t let him or anyone else stop her, or she’ll never see her daughter again.


This wasn’t necessarily a Sci-Fi with a positive outlook, but it reminded me of a lot of Sci-Fi that I love. Specifically Star Wars and Firefly. The world felt like Star Wars, the ship felt like Firefly.

I really enjoy Buroker’s fantasy series, at least what I’ve read, but I think I might like her Sci-Fi even better. Characters were fun, I even liked the main character which I feel like hasn’t been happening lately. World was interesting, it’s set after a galactic war so you’re dealing with the aftermath. I like that there are people from both sides on the ship.

My only complaint really was is that it felt short. However, since the book was only $.99 that’s acceptable. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.




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