Disney Toybox Figures: Disney Line


List Updated on 09/15/2021

Obviously, there is a Disney line of the Toybox figures. And it’s no surprise that Mickey is the first figure made. What is surprising, at least to me, is that it’s the smallest line so far.

As of posting this all of the characters were available on the Disney Store, but like all of the other series if you’re serious about collecting I advise purchasing the first few in the series before they disappear. Where I can I’ve added links to Amazon, but they don’t have many from this line currently. I’ll try and keep it updated, but always check the price before buying from Amazon.

1. Mickey Mouse


2. Jack Skellington


3. Ralph


4. Vanellope


5. Baymax


6. Hiro


7. Moana


8. Maui



9. Stich


10. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse

11. Aladdin


12. Genie


13. Stitch

14. Mickey Mouse and Pluto

15. Peter Pan

Peter Pan

16. Captain Hook

Captain Hook

17. Goofy and Donald Duck

Donald and Goofy

18. Jack Skellington

19. Sorcerer Mickey Mouse

20. Simba

21. Santa Jack Skellington

Mickey Mouse and Friends Gift Set

Stitch Rocket Ship Play Set

September 2018 Thoughts and Speculation

Of the figures released in this series, so far, I think Jack Skellington looks the best. I’m pretty ambivalent when it comes to The Nightmare Before Christmas, but that figure is awesome.

Personally, I don’t find the Mickey and Ralph figures that appealing. They’re fine, but kind of just there. They aren’t as bad as The Incredibles ones, but they are lacking in the personality of the Star Wars ones. I do think the rest in the line, so far, are really good though. The smirks on both Vanellope and Hiro’s faces are great. I also think their accessories are pretty fun.

My hope for this series is some Disney Princesses. It makes sense and it will give a MUCH NEEDED infusion of girls into the whole Toybox line. My fear is that they will keep the princess from the line for some reason.

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