Single Parents (2018-?)


Single Parents (2018-?)




Elizabeth Meriwether

J.J. Philbin


Taran Killam

Leighton Meester

Kimrie Lewis

Brad Garrett

Jake Choi


A group of single parents form their own support system as they raise their kids and struggle to start new relationships.


I laughed a few times during this pilot. Recently, during a pretty vile case of hand, foot, and mouth, I was basically a single parent for four days and it was horrible. I told my husband that I could not handle it and would leave our kids at a firehouse if I had to do it forever. (kidding clearly…or was I?). Single parents have it rough and seeing a group of them help each other out was smart and often times funny.

The problem I foresee with this show is, much like the movie Bad Moms, the issues they’re going to face are unrealistic and focus only on part of what it’s like to be a single parent. I get that it’s a comedy, but a show called Single Parents should be about the whole thing. There can be comedy in trials, you just have to work harder at the jokes.

The parents we’ve seen so far are all fairly stable financially is the issue I’m talking about. One of the biggest things about being a single parent, in the US, is the lack of another person helping financially. We live in a society that almost requires a dual income to survive, unless you are part of the top 5% earners.

Maybe future episodes will have more of this realism, but we’ll see. For now it was an amusing show to have on in the background and I’ll continue watching until it bugs me too much.



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