Great Movie Re-Watch Update!

A quick recap, I compiled a list of all of my movies organized by release year. Using that list, I’m re-watching every movie I own.

I knocked out the 30s through the 60s relatively quickly. I was reminded why I own several of these movies and particularly enjoyed re-watching It’s a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Which has me thinking I should look into more Frank Capra movies. I’ve seen several Jimmy Stewart movies, though I don’t own many. However, I can’t say the same about Capra. I love the themes of those two movies, so I’m curious to look into his catalog.

I’ve only got one more movie in the 70s, Star Wars: A New Hope. Then the real meaty decades begin. I have roughly forty movies from the 80s, and the list grows with each further decade. Some of my favorite movies are coming up in this next decade. Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Man From Snowy River, Back to the Future, and Clue the Movie, to name a few.

When I can, I’ve been trying to stream movies with my friends. That’s not always possible because of DRM, but also, not many friends are fans of musicals like I am. Watching movies alone is fun, but watching them with friends, even from a distance, really adds to the enjoyment.

Anyone reading my posts may have noticed that I’m not posting reviews of the movies. I’m trying to limit it to my thoughts, which have become tidbits that I find interesting about the history. I’m also going to try and add more of a personal commentary. Even after all these years, I find it difficult to explain why I love something, but maybe by focusing more on my thoughts on the films instead of a “review,” it will be clearer.


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