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Back on My Bullshit: Library Haul

Sooooo I put over 20 books on hold a few weeks back. About 15 or so came in all at once and I’m down to 4. Which meant that I needed to request more. The ones still sitting there have huge waitlists. I had 5 to pick up today with 1 more in transit. It’s both overwhelming and…yeah it’s overwhelming lol

Still, I love the library and this is forcing me to keep my phone down. Here are a couple pics of my beautiful library books.


Currently Reading 11-01-2020

I finished In the Company of Wolves tonight, my review will be posting tomorrow. Next up is 500 Miles From You. Based on the blurb I’m hoping for a romance that develops over email. Always some of my favorite stories.

I’ve never read anything from Jenny Colgan so I’m not sure exactly what to expect. There’s also the fact that I picked this book off a list and I haven’t had the best luck with those. Hopefully, my expectations are properly set.