Charmed (2018-?)


Charmed (2018-?)




Melonie Diaz

Madeleine Mantock

Sarah Jeffrey

Rupert Evans


Follows the lives of three sisters who, after the tragic death of their mother, discover they are powerful witches.


This show had a lot working against it and just a little for it. I loved the original series. Shows about witches were banned in my house so I used to watch it on mute, with another show on the ready to switch to in case I heard my parents coming. I used to watch it every year, though, it’s been a couple years since I did that. I loved Charmed.

The reboot got a lot of bad press from fans when it was first announced. It didn’t have the original cast on board and in some instances it almost seemed like it was bashing the original series. There’s a lot wrong with the original series, but it is still an amazing show, so I didn’t like any of that.

What it did have going for it, though, was that some of the writers from Jane the Virgin were working on it. I love JtV, it’s a great series, and ultimately, I want more shows that star women in a Supernatural setting.

I’m looking at you Wayward Sisters.

The first episode aired Sunday. I only watch Murphy Brown live, so I waited and watched it on the app late Monday night. It was…not as bad as I was expecting.

The bad. I hated the magic effects. Like HATED. Where were my swirling white and blue lights for the whitelighter? Wtf!! I really didn’t like their whitelighter, Rupert Evans, period and I’m hoping that he’s not permanent. Leo, Brian Krause, was a handy man, sweet, smart, but rarely condescending. The whitelighter in this series comes off as patronizing too often. Maybe it’s his accent, I don’t know, but there is no romance there either.

The girls all seemed really young, though, the actresses are all age appropriate for where they are, I’m probably just getting old. Based on the trailer I thought they were in highschool, but they are in college. I thought they had good chemistry by the end of the episode, there was definitely potential there, and I loved that the cast was racially diverse. LOVED. I also really LOVED the feminist message. It was heavy handed and I don’t care.

The old house is being used, though, the interior is changed. Obviously, some of the old terms, I thought their Book of Shadows seemed very lacking, though.

All in all, the episode was much better than I anticipated, it has potential, but there are some things I’m hoping get better.


Charmed: Let Gorgons be Gorgons By: Paul Ruditis

Charmed: Let Gorgons be Gorgons By: Paul Ruditis


When Piper, Phoebe, and Paige undo a spell that turned a local politician to stone, they little realize the powerful magic behind the hex. As attacks on innocents mount, The Charmed Ones enlist the help of their sister, Prue, confined on the magical Nexus, only to learn that the most heinous of mythical creatures—a gorgon—is to blame.

Freed from her underground tomb, Medusa joins her sisters in a crusade to avenge womankind, turning those who cross her to stone forever. At the same time, dark magic seems to be undoing all of Phoebe’s good works, distracting her from the impending battle with the gorgons. With time running out, will the sisters be able to defeat Medusa and restore their innocents to life?


I liked this book, more for the world building than the descriptions of the sister’s magic. I loved that it expanded on Coop and what being a cupid is, I always felt like he just sort of showed up at the end of the series and was just there, so it was really nice to find out more. Reading a magic fight, though, with the sister’s usual go to moves is kind of eh.

There were lots of call backs to older episodes, including the one where they turned into goddesses, not exactly a Charmed high point, but I enjoyed the addition of Medusa and her sisters. They were a villain that you could understand their side of, it wasn’t just an over the top demon.

The side plot had a rushed ending that mainly happened behind the scenes. Coop and Cole worked together and we saw them for brief periods, but they seemed kind of forgotten.

The book was a bit short, but it was a lot like an episode of Charmed, so while I would have enjoyed more it was pretty good.


Charmed: The War on Witches (Charmed Series #1) By: Paul Ruditis

Charmed: The War on Witches (Charmed Series #1) By: Paul Ruditis


Having won the ultimate battle against the forces of darkness, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige—The Charmed Ones—are looking forward to a hard-earned, peaceful future. But when Phoebe’s former love, Cole, returns from the dead and the sisters are reunited with Prue, now imprisoned at the magical convergence between the realms, a dangerous new threat emerges.

As seemingly normal mortals violently steal the magic of witches, The Charmed Ones must shield their kind while protecting themselves from a modern-day witch hunt.

Charmed: The War on Witches continues the story of the Halliwell witches, picking up where the hit television series, Charmed, left off. With only the Book of Shadows to guide them, the Halliwell sisters are the fulfillment of their ancestor Melinda Warren’s prophecy that three sisters descending from her line would become the most powerful witches of all time. As The Charmed Ones, the sisters use the Power of Three to protect the innocent and banish evil from the Earthly realm.


I used to love Charmed. I watched the show live, muted, with closed captioning because my parents would have grounded me if they’d caught me watching. I took that risk, though, because I loved the sisters and their world. A few years back I saw that they had made a comic book for a season following the last, I bought the first volume immediately but ended up not liking the art or really the story so I didn’t continue. Still, I would randomly look into the series and recently decided to try this book.

The War on Witches takes place after the comic and if you haven’t read it you’re going to be confused at first. I know I was, I ended up finding a plot synopsis online for the comic to catch myself up. I can’t say I’m actually fond of having Prue and Cole back, but I can see why they did it. They are some of the fans two favorite characters and book form is the perfect way to bring them back.

The book ended up being almost exactly like the show and I loved that. However, there were times when the characters didn’t quiet sound like themselves and that wasn’t really helped by being able to see inside their minds for the first time.

There were demons, warlocks, reference to past episodes, and family drama, it was exactly what you’d expect from an episode of Charmed. Really, my only complaint is that I wish there was more about the family and Leo.


Side note: I bought this on sale, it doesn’t appear to be on sale now, it is not worth paying $9.99