MILF: Episode One


MILF: Episode One By: Lexi Maxxwell


Natalie is a desperate mother in hard times. Her family life is barely clinging to livable, and the big bucks her husband isn’t bringing home aren’t helping. Despite every corner cut, every penny pinched, she clings to a ledge of normalcy but constantly dangles above the pit of poverty.

Until a friend approaches her with an offer too naughty to refuse. An opportunity to use her best assets to help her family increase theirs. Natalie is hesitant. Because once you slip into that hole, there’s no coming back out …


Awesome! Loved this so much.

I’m not a huge erotica reader, though I’ve had my moments. This has the steamy sex scenes and a good plot, something that isn’t always the case. Most of what I’d categorize as Erotica, that I’ve read, is sort of wham bam thank you ma’am. This certainly doesn’t waste any time but it also builds characters.

Definitely reading the next one.