Moonlight in the Morning

Moonlight in the Morning


Moonlight in the Morning By: Jude Deveraux


Sparks are flying between Jecca Layton and Dr. Tristan Aldredge. At the urging of her dear friend Kim, Jecca put the ruthless New York City art world on hold to spend the summer pursuing her passion for painting while enjoying Edilean’s tightly knit artistic community. For years, Kim’s cousin Tris — the town’s handsome and dedicated doctor — felt a deep connection to Kim’s college “sister” Jecca, though they had met only once before. Now, Jecca is swept off her feet by this strong, sensitive man in a summer of sensual delights. But when long shadows announce Jecca’s return to “real life” and the big city, the lovers must decide: Can they survive the distance? And who will sacrifice the life they’ve created for themselves to be together?


I think Jude Deveraux might be a pantser when it comes to writing. Every now and then she’ll write something and then a page later write something that has to explain what she’d previously written away. Personally I would have edited it out, but then it might not have worked without it, not sure.

Even with that I really liked this book. So happy that I’ve got her back in my life. Already looking forward to reading the next book, though hopefully I don’t end up staying up until four am reading it.

Her men tend to be a bit unrealistic but I don’t read romance for realism. I did want to scream the word compromise at her couple, that happens a lot for me though.