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2014 Fall TV Schedule

2014 Fall TV Schedule

I just got finished going through the Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Double issue and I’m kind of embarrassed at how excited I was. It took a couple of hours but I’ve got my excel spreadsheet prepared and all my start dates listed, now I just have to sit back and watch as my DVR fills up.

There are twenty-four shows on my watch list this year, eleven are new. I ended up dropping a couple that I watched last year and a few got canceled, which explains why almost half of the shows I’m watching this season are new.

There are a couple that I’m incredibly excited about, some I’m unsure of, and at least one I’m not sure if I want to be watching anymore. I dropped New Girl because I didn’t like almost any of the episodes last season but for some reason I’m still watching Bones. Not sure what’s going on there and I might end up dropping it.

Can’t wait for my CW shows to start, especially The¬†Flash, but I’m not sure if I’m going to like the Fox TV show Gotham. Not overly fond of prequels, I know what’s going to happen, and since they have to fail for Batman to be created I’m just not looking forward to it. I’m interested to see how they do Constantine but it’s another show I’m unsure of.

Several romantic comedies on my list this year, which is weird. I’m going to be honest and say the only reason I’m watching A to Z on NBC is because I loved the mother from How I Met Your Mother. Marry Me is getting watched because I loved Happy Endings, and Star Wars Rebels because I want to see how they’re going to ruin my childhood.

Lots to watch this year and I’m going to try and post a review of each new pilot, though to be fair it’s never good to rate a show based on its pilot.

Now I’m going to watch Haven, which was new last night, and kick off the Fall TV season.