The Elemental Series

Recurve (The Elemental Series #1) By: Shannon Mayer


Recurve (The Elemental Series #1) By: Shannon Mayer


My name is Larkspur, and I am an Elemental. My people use the power of the earth to sustain life and defy our enemies. I should be at my father’s side as a royal princess. But as a half-breed, bastard child, that isn’t going to happen. I’ve been accused of attacking the queen, my wicked stepmother, and my life is suddenly on the line. I have only two options left to me: banishment, or training to become one of the King’s Elite Guards, an Ender. Option one will kill me. Option two is meant to break me, but it’s the only way to survive. Did I mention I have no power like the rest of the elementals, and my connection to the earth is worth next to nothing? Could things get any worse? Of course they can. Welcome to being an Elemental

It’s been a while since I read the Rylee Adamson series and I keep meaning to get back into it. Since this was the first book in a new series I thought it might be easier.

I read somewhere this is in the same universe as Rylee, but I don’t think that comes into play at all in this book. You’re in the world of an elemental, which sounds almost like a different dimension. Lark is an Earth elemental that doesn’t have any power, or is/does she?

The book starts off with a fairly brutal introduction to the world that had me crying and wondering if I wanted to continue, but I had to see justice, and thankfully I got it. A good power hungry villain was introduced and they weren’t defeated, but they were dealt a devastating blow, which I always like in a first book.

Lark was an interesting character. She was very much a bad-ass, but she had some negative qualities that made me unsure if I liked her by the end. Her views on sex are just different from mine, which are fine, but I don’t necessarily enjoy reading it.

Anyway, I really liked the book and while I want to continue with the series, I think I might pick up with Rylee first.