Three Girls and a Wedding

Three Girls and a Wedding

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Three Girls and a Wedding (Three Girls #2) By: Rachel Schurig


Jen Campbell loves weddings. In fact, she loves them so much that she became an event planner in the hopes that she would one day get the chance to help women create the fairy tale day of their dreams…Unfortunately, the only thing Jen has been allowed to plan so far are boring restaurant openings and children’s birthday parties. When Jen’s big break finally comes, she realizes that wedding planning is a heck of a lot more complicated than picking out the perfect flowers and cake. Add to the chaos a pair of fighting friends, a totally pressuring mother, and a ridiculously gorgeous (but moody) best man, and Jen has her work cut out for her. In Three Girls and a Wedding, Jen Campbell will try to plan the perfect wedding and maybe—just maybe—create her very own happily-ever-after.


Wasn’t not too happy with this ending. I felt like there was a whole scene left out. Throughout the book Jen’s work partner has been a total douche bag putting all the work on her and even man handling her at one point. At the same time the clients she’s working for rave about how awesome she is and how they’re going to give her a great review to her bosses. With all that build up I was expecting a scene where the partner and she are brought in front of the bosses and the partner is fired while Jen is offered a promotion. Proving that being a douche doesn’t pay. Instead all that happens to the partner is that Jen thinks he’s alone and nobody loves him. So? I want more than that!

Jen ends of going into business with her client and starting her own event planning business. This would have made the confrontation scene with the bosses even better because she could have been torn. Does she take the promotion and put off opening her own event planning business until she’s in a better financial place or does she take a chance? But nope never happened she just jumps at the opportunity and jumps up and down.

Disappointed in the ending but will continue the series.