Austenland (2013)


Directed By:

Jerusha Hess


Keri Russell

JJ Feild

Jennifer Coolidge


Obsessed with Pride and Prejudice (1995), a woman travels to a Jane Austen theme park in search for her perfect gentleman.


So I’m a girl, which pretty much means I love Pride and Prejudice. Yes, I do know some women who don’t like it but they’re weird. I love it. Not on the same level as Keri Russell’s character in this movie though.

Jennifer Coolidge was freaking hilarious. Story was very Austen. Definitely going to be buying this.


One comment

  1. Better than I expected it to be, especially since it seemed like a total chick flick. Come to think of it, it actually is! I guess I just liked it enough to not care as much. Good review.


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