Alpha and Omega Series By Patricia Briggs


Alpha and Omega Series By Patricia Briggs


On The Prowl

Cry Wolf

Hunting Ground

Fair Game


I recently reread the entire Alpha and Omega series and thought I’d do a review of the series so far. Since I’ve already read the books a few times I decided not to write a post for each book.

On the Prowl is just a short little novella but it does a good job of introducing the characters. I wasn’t as impressed by Cry Wolf, but Hunting Ground was good. What makes me unsure whether or not I love this series more than the Mercy Thompson series is the last book, Fair Game.

Holy cow when I finished Fair Game my first thought was this shit is getting good. With that ending her world was going to get a lot more violent and political. I’m really excited for the next book in this series.

The Mercy Thompson series is focused on one wolf pack but this series is about a couple that are part of the Merrick’s pack. The Merrick is the leader of all the North American wolves so there’s bigger things going on in this series than the other.

My only complaint is that we don’t get a book every year like with the Mercy Thompson series.

Oh well, that’s life.

Overall I would say this series is a 4 star series. I love it and it would be a 5 star but Cry Wolf just doesn’t do much for me. Lots of character building so I don’t recommend skipping it though.


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