Royal Pains Season 5





Mark Feuerstein

Paulo Costanzo

Reshma Shetty

Brooke D’Orsay

Campbell Scott

Ben Shenkman


An unfairly discredited but brilliant diagnostic surgeon winds up working with his cheesy brother in the Hamptons as a concierge doctor to the uber-rich and ultra-elite.


What the hell did they do to Paige, Brooke D’Orsay? She became this moody bitch and the relationship between her and Evan, Paulo Costanzo, is just falling apart. Makes me sad. Though originally I did ship Evan and Divya, Reshma Shetty, when Paige was introduced and also Jeremiah, Ben Shenkman, my feelings changed. I really like the idea of Jeremiah and Divya so they better not get rid of him.

Kind of disappointed in the whole Hank, Mark Feuerstein, pills thing. I was glad that there winded up being a legitimate reason, still thought that was an over done story line. Also it would be really nice if Hank Med wasn’t always in jeopardy.


New season starts tonight at 9:00 on USA

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