Jinni’s Wish


Jinni’s Wish (Kingdom #4) By: Marie Hall


A long, long time ago there lived a man. A Jinni, who had one wish. To know love. But the woman he thought he knew betrayed him and the love he thought they shared. Tortured for his crimes, he was cast out of Kingdom, stripped of all his powers, left to languor in pain and solitude, until eventually he becomes nothing but a ghost… Paz Lopez is an artist with a dream. To buy a ridiculously large penthouse in the swankiest section of Chicago. But there’s just one hitch, she has no man to share her dream with. A fateful visit to a carnival and Madam Pandora’s tent sends Paz on a mission to find the love of her life before it’s too late. But the Madam forgot to tell Paz one very important detail… to meet him, Paz will have to die first.


The plot sounds more dramatic that it came off in the story.


She doesn’t really die. She’s in a coma and while in the coma she meets Jinni and their souls connect.

There wasn’t much romance in this one it was more of a love at first sight sort of thing. He tells her the story of why he was punished and she listens and paints. Falling in love while the story is told. Not really my cup of tea.

Still I like the world that is being built and I will continue on to the next one.


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