Marie Hall

Jinni’s Wish


Jinni’s Wish (Kingdom #4) By: Marie Hall


A long, long time ago there lived a man. A Jinni, who had one wish. To know love. But the woman he thought he knew betrayed him and the love he thought they shared. Tortured for his crimes, he was cast out of Kingdom, stripped of all his powers, left to languor in pain and solitude, until eventually he becomes nothing but a ghost… Paz Lopez is an artist with a dream. To buy a ridiculously large penthouse in the swankiest section of Chicago. But there’s just one hitch, she has no man to share her dream with. A fateful visit to a carnival and Madam Pandora’s tent sends Paz on a mission to find the love of her life before it’s too late. But the Madam forgot to tell Paz one very important detail… to meet him, Paz will have to die first.


The plot sounds more dramatic that it came off in the story.


She doesn’t really die. She’s in a coma and while in the coma she meets Jinni and their souls connect.

There wasn’t much romance in this one it was more of a love at first sight sort of thing. He tells her the story of why he was punished and she listens and paints. Falling in love while the story is told. Not really my cup of tea.

Still I like the world that is being built and I will continue on to the next one.


Red and Her Wolf

Red and her wolf

Red and Her Wolf (Kingdom #3) By: Marie Hall


Long ago there lived a beautiful child. Her name was Violet. Fair of skin, with blonde hair and large blue eyes. Born of wild magic, she was a woman with a child’s heart. Innocent and lovely, but not at all what she seemed–you see Violet went by another name: The Heartsong. She was the child of fairy magic, the physical manifestation of all fae kinds unbridled power. Cosseted and pampered, she grew up in isolation, never knowing who she really was, or why there were those who’d seek to harm her. Ewan of the Blackfoot Clan is a wolf with a problem. He’s been sent to kill the Heartsong, but the moment he lays eyes on the blonde beauty he knows he’ll defy the evil fae he works for to claim Violet as his own. This is the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, as it really happened…


Red and Ewan’s story was a bit more complicated than the other bad boys, so far. They met, he mated, she was whisked away for four hundred years. Things were a bit awkward at first and sometimes confusing, for me as much as for the characters. I think there was a lot going on all at once and it just wasn’t clicking with me.

A good book, but not her best. Red was supposed to be evil, kind of, but not really. It was weird. Still reading the rest of the series but I hope they’re more like the first two.


Gerard’s Beauty

gerards beauty

Gerard’s Beauty (Kingdom #2) By: Marie Hall


A not so classic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, as seen through the eyes of the villain… Betty Hart has had it with men. Jilted in love, her life now consists of shelving books by day, watching too much Anime by night, and occasionally dressing up like a superhero on the weekends with her fellow ‘Bleeding Heart’ nerds. Men are not welcome and very much unwanted. Especially the sexy Frenchman who saunters into her library reeking of alcohol and looking like he went one too many rounds in the ring. Gerard Caron is in trouble. Again. Caught with his pants down (literally) he’s forced to seek asylum on Earth while his fairy godmother tries to keep Prince Charming from going all ‘Off with his head’. Maybe, messing around with the King’s daughter hadn’t been such a great idea after all, not that Gerard knew the silly redhead was a princess. But his fairy godmother knows the only way to save his life is to finally pair Gerard with his perfect mate, whether he’s willing or not. From the moment Gerard lays eyes on the nerdy librarian he knows he must have her, but Betty is unlike any woman he’s ever known. He thought Betty would come as willingly to his bed as every other woman before her, but she is a woman who demands respect and even… horror of all horrors… love. Is it possible for a self-proclaimed Casanova to change his ways?


Really liking this series so far.

Throughout the book Betty’s nephew played a part. It was Gerard’s reaction to him that caused Betty to start to love him, almost every reaction to him caused Betty to love Gerard more. The ending just seemed to ignore him though. I get that it’s a romance book and the real story is Betty and Gerard but I thought there should be some explanation as to what was going to happen to her nephew. If they go live in the Kingdom who is going to help take care of him?

That’s really the only negative I have to say about the book. I loved that Gerard was neutered and had to learn to actually look at and pay attention to her. He couldn’t just whip his dick out and have her succumb to his sexiness.


Her Mad Hatter


Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom #1) By: Marie Hall


Alice is all grown up. Running the Mad Hatter’s Cupcakery and Tea Shoppe is a delicious job, until fate–and a fairy godmother with a weakness for bad boys–throws her a curveball. Now, Alice is the newest resident of Wonderland, where the Mad Hatter fuels her fantasies and thrills her body with his dark touch. The Mad Hatter may have a voice and a body made for sex, but he takes no lovers. Ever. But a determined fairy godmother has forced Alice into Wonderland–and his arms. Now, as desire and madness converge, the Hatter must decide if he will fight the fairy godmother’s mating–or fight for Alice.


The Mad Hatter has never really done it for me, except in the TV Mini Series Alice and Andrew Lee Potts made me rethink a lot of things.

Anyway, even without that previous obsession with the character, Marie Hall made me really care about what happened to him and want him to have a happy ending.

The premise of the series is interesting, though not original since the new thing to do is tell the story from the bad guys point of view. Bad boys are just misunderstood they’re not evil, they need love too. Still I like the concept.

Alice had secrets that I wasn’t expecting and I craved cupcakes for a while after I read this. I cried.