Gotham (2014-?)


Gotham (2014-?)




Ben McKenzie

Donal Logue

Jada Pinkett Smith


The origin story behind Commissioner James Gordon’s rise to prominence in Gotham City in the years before Batman’s arrival.


I watched this show because I love superhero shows, but I’m not a fan of prequels. I already know that Gordon isn’t going to succeed. He can’t, or Batman will never exist. It’s kind of depressing knowing that going in.

The show was fine, I liked the Gotham vibe it had. I did think they went overboard introducing so many future super villains. Every couple of minutes you were being introduced to someone’s alter ego and sometimes there was a super cheesy pun to go with it. They made sure to say riddle when Enigma was introduced. There were cats for Catwoman and of course Copperpot was called penguin. A bit too much for one episode.

Overall it was an alright pilot and I’ll probably watch a couple more episodes.


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