What’s Your Favorite Movie

The Princess Bride

So one of my least favorite questions to be asked is, what is my favorite movie. People judge you based on your response and it’s an impossible question to answer. It depends completely on my mood and what I feel like watching. After years of boring people to death with a long list, a couple years ago I just started telling people, The Princess Bride.

I love The Princess Bride, it is one of my go to movies. If I just need something on in the background or want something to fall asleep to, I put it in. The thing is, I don’t always want to watch it, sometimes I feel like something less romantic and more cheesy or something with more action.

Anyway, I’m ending this movie review year with a question. What is your favorite movie? If you want to give me a list or just the response you tell others when they ask, go right ahead. Be forewarned you will be judged, though I will do my best not to be mean.

I’m truly interested in what you have to say and hope I get a lot of responses.

Happy New Year!


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