Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)


Doug Liman


Tom Cruise

Emily Blunt

Bill Paxton


A military officer is brought into an alien war against an extraterrestrial enemy who can reset the day and know the future. When this officer is enabled with the same power, he teams up with a Special Forces warrior to try and end the war.


So I almost didn’t rent this because the cover makes it seem like the title is Live. Die. Repeat. The only reason I looked at it was because I’d not heard of a movie with that title. So not sure if that was a good move marketing wise.

Tom Cruise plays a coward well, was my first thought. Bill Paxton is awesome. Emily Blunts introduction is great. Before you even see her there are images plastered all over the world about how awesome she is and then the first image of her in person she’s in the middle of a hanger, doing a push up only the only thing on the floor is her hand.

Holy shit the aliens are freaking crazy. They move so fast and they’re all tentacles and machine.

Tom Cruises CG face looked like shit.

This movie is Groundhog day on steroids, it’s fucking insane. Also if you haven’t seen Groundhog Day watch it.

The end of this movie dragged on. A lot. I honestly like the first two thirds but by the time it was over I could barely pay attention. It’s 113 minutes but it felt like so much longer. The repeated days didn’t bother me but the ending that never came did. When it finally did it was total bullshit. A giant reset button that magically made everything better with no valid reasoning that I can see.


“On your feet maggot!”

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