Backstrom (2015-?)


Backstrom (2015-?)




Page Kennedy

Beatrice Rosen

Rainn Wilson

Genevieve Angelson

Dennis Haysbert


Backstrom, the renowned misanthropic police detective, takes on new and daunting cases.


I like Rainn Wilson from watching him on The Office so I tried this out. Pretty disappointed. There was nothing that really stood out. It’s a lot of familiar tropes and while I like how gruff and insensitive Wilson is he didn’t have any positive qualities. I kind of like a good quality or two. He did have a kid living with him that could either be his son, or more than likely his father’s bastard child, but I didn’t get the feeling he did it out of any kind of goodness,

The supporting cast didn’t give me a reason to watch either.

With all the other good shows out there this one just doesn’t make the cut.



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