Tammy (2014)


Tammy (2014)


Ben Falcone


Melissa McCarthy

Susan Sarandon

Kathy Bates


After losing her job and learning that her husband has been unfaithful, a woman hits the road with her profane, hard-drinking grandmother.


I’m glad that Melissa McCarthy is getting roles in comedy movies, but Tammy left a lot to be desired.

The plot makes it sound like a raunchy comedy with a grandmother and granddaughter, but it doesn’t deliver. I’m not sure if McCarthy just wasn’t given free rein or if she was having a series of off days, either way I didn’t laugh once. There were too many emotional parts and relationship revelations and not enough comedy. The main jokes were just about how disgusting Tammy was and I’m getting tired of those jokes. I hate when comics pick one thing and harp on it forever, like Kevin Hart and being short. Get over it.

Look at a Will Ferrell comedy or the better Adam Sandler movies, when they have a deep, meaningful, revelation it doesn’t take up half of the movie and a lot of the time they come to the wrong realization. Why can’t a female driven comedy do that? Why do they actually have to grow? Why do they have to make themselves “pretty”?

When Ricky Bobby has to find himself he goes about it in the most ridiculous ways and it’s hilarious because he’s doing it all wrong and he doesn’t know any better. When Dewey Cox gets his life together it’s just a long montage with him playing catch with his billion kids.

Tammy spiraled out of control, but the entire time she knew what she was doing was wrong, and it wasn’t funny. It was sad, because she was too stupid to figure out other options and she knew it.

Her finding a man at the end didn’t bother me because they do that in male driven comedies as well, but I didn’t really buy him being in to her.

I had such high hopes and I think that made the movie worse, for me.



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