Let’s Be Cops (2014)

Lets be cops

Let’s Be Cops


Luke Greenfield


Jake Johnson

Damon Wayne Jr.

Rob Riggle


Two struggling pals dress as police officers for a costume party and become neighborhood sensations. But when these newly-minted “heroes” get tangled in a real life web of mobsters and dirty detectives, they must put their fake badges on the line.


Any movie that starts off with Backstreet Boys automatically gets points with me. No idea why since I was never a fan, but damn it makes me smile.

I don’t know how anyone can think that pretending to be cops is a good idea. They take it even farther by getting a cop car and making it look as authentic as possible. I get that this is comedy and I was laughing, but let’s be real for a minute, that’s a fucking dumb idea.

When that naked dude came running out it was fucking hilarious.

The bad guy is a bit too psychotic. I’m not an expert in drug trafficking and gangs and all that shit, but I really think he’s a little too in to killing people to get that big. I don’t know. Maybe he killed his way to the top. It just looked like he enjoyed shooting up his money and drugs a bit too much in his pursuit to kill.

I thought it was a little long and kind of lost its focus right before the end, but I liked it. It was funny, and even though I called the ending, I had fun. I would not be adverse to a sequel. It made over one hundred million, so that’s pretty good, but the critic reception has been very negative. Who knows what will happen.



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