Belle (2013)


Belle (2013)


Amma Asante


Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Matthew Goode

Emily Watson


The mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral is raised by her aristocratic great-uncle in 18th century England.


There’s really not much, more romantic than 18th century England. Love the clothing and the decor. It’s all so pretty and Belle has an original twist.

Dido, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, is a mixed race daughter being raised by her great-uncle who is the highest court in the land. I know next to nothing about slavery in England and the way the aristocracy acts is confusing and unnatural to me. However, I still love to watch movies set in this era and read the occasional historical romance.

I enjoyed the romance combined with the uncertainty surrounding the case being tried. The movie is not historically accurate, so says wikipedia, but I wasn’t expecting it to be. It was a nice way to end my romance movie month and I would definitely recommend it.



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