Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick (2015)

A Bone to Pick

Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick (2015)


Martin Wood


Candace Cameron Bure

Marilu Henner

Lexa Doig


When Aurora, or Roe, Teagarden’s acquaintance from the disbanded hobby group, Real Murders, dies, Roe is bequeathed a small house and a not-so-small fortune. Roe soon discovers that her generous benefactress has left her more than she bargained for when she uncovers a skull in a carpeted window seat in the inherited house. Roe sets out to find out who the victim is and how his or her skull ended up in a spinster’s window seat. Will Roe discover the murderer on Honor Street?


I’ve been reading a lot of cozy mysteries lately so it was interesting to actually watch one. This is your usual Hallmark channel fare, though not overly sentimental which was nice. The mystery was good, though, Aurora, Candace Cameron Bure, was the definition of nosy and really should have given that skull to the police as soon as she found it. Come on people withholding evidence is not good and she would have still been able to work the mystery without it.

The acting was fine, the story was fine, some of the cozy mystery tropes didn’t play as well on screen, but I still liked the movie and wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more from this series.



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