Jurassic Park (1993)


Jurassic Park (1993)


Stephen Spielberg


Sam Neill

Laura Dern

Jeff Goldblum


During a preview tour, a theme park suffers a major power breakdown that allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok.


With all the previews for Jurassic World I had to re-watch Jurassic Park. It’s been a couple years but it is such a good movie that I like to watch it every now and then. While probably not in my top ten, it’s still one of those movies that I recommend everyone watch.

The CG clearly does not hold up, the computer references are surprisingly not as bad as a lot of stuff out there today. Love Jeff Goldblum’s character, a rock star mathematician, he’s one of the few actors that could pull that off.

The little girl never fails to annoy me, though, I feel a bit more charitable toward her now that I’m a mom. The little boy is hilarious. The bad guy gets what’s coming to him and there’s a lot of death, but not so much that I feel depressed when the movie is over.

Jurassic World has a lot to live up to and I’m curious to see if it does.


“Hold on to your butts.”


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