101 Dalmatians (1961)

101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians (1961)


Clyde Geronimi

Hamilton Luske


Rod Taylor

Betty Lou Gerson

J. Pat O’Malley


When a litter of dalmatian puppies are abducted by the minions of Cruella De Vil, the parents must find them before she uses them for a diabolical fashion statement.


Doggies are big in our house right now because it’s one of the few words my daughter knows. She’s still a bit young for movies and doesn’t pay attention for the whole thing, but it’s nice to have some quiet time for Momma.

I love how 101 Dalmatians is drawn first off. It’s kind of dirty and smudged, not the normal bright colorful Disney fair. It’s definitely a product its times.

After watching Once Upon a Time this season Cruella De Vil seems a lot eviler than I ever thought. Sure making coats out of dogs is gruesome but it was never as scary as Ursula the sea witch or the dragon in Sleeping Beauty, even Gaston seemed scarier.

Fairly fast paced, the songs are different from other Disney movies and there aren’t as many of them. Not one of my favorite Disney movies, but makes a nice change.




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