Hell On Heels (Hot Damned 3#) By: Robyn Peterman

Hell on Heels

Hell On Heels (Hot Damned 3#) By: Robyn Peterman


Where does a Demon go when she gets deported from Hell? Kentucky. Eden, Kentucky to be more specific—where nothing is exactly as it seems. My name is Dixie. I’m a Demon—a lousy Demon. I’m a twenty-one year old virgin and I have a battery operated boyfriend. My magic is iffy at best and downright dangerous at worst. Leaving Hell to represent my race is not high on my list of things to do. Hell was exact. Hell was simple. All I want to do is get to home base with the hotter than Hades Demon of my dreams and work on my dark side so Satan, my dad, will get off my ass. Instead I end up in Kentucky looking for the Balance of Chaos, avoiding pole dancing classes with Mother Nature and finding out my invisible friend is a silver skinned destructive weather pattern. And if that isn’t craptastic enough, the damn Sword of Death is missing again and who ever has it wants the King of the Underworld dead. Seriously. With new powers emerging daily, keeping my Demon side, horniness and general disgust under wraps doesn’t make it any easier to fit in with the humans. Thankfully my priorities are in line; get laid…save world…try not to blow up kitchen appliances…and get laid again. I was ready to rumble. All I want to do is go back to Hell, but with the balance of good and evil in my hands, I’m stuck in the garden of Eden. Oh well, what the Hell. Someone has to save the world before there’s no world left to save. Might as well be me.


Dixie was very similar to Astrid, though, she didn’t quiet curse as much or as creatively. She did get better at the end when she accepted her full self. The series really is about accepting who you are completely, good and bad.

Astrid lost her mom and dad in the first book, but since then no one really impactful dies. If you’re bad you’re going to get your shit ripped apart, but if you’re good or the main character likes you, you get to live. Honestly it doesn’t really bother me, but know going in that this is definitely a light urban fantasy/paranormal book. You’re not going to be faced with huge all consuming darkness. Of course the title and covers should give that away.

I like the series. It’s cute and a great summer read. The next book is the book I’ve really been looking forward to, though. Astrid has a baby that shouldn’t be possible so I’m excited to see what happens.



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