For A Good Time, Call… (2012)

For a Good Time Call

For A Good Time, Call… (2012)


Jamie Travis


Ari Graynor

Lauren Miller

Justin Long


Former college frenemies Lauren and Katie move into a fabulous Gramercy Park apartment, and in order to make ends meet, the unlikely pair start a phone sex line together.


So we have Bromances what are girl best friend movies called? Sismances? Girmances? No idea, but this was that type of movie.

The girls didn’t like each other because of a small incident that was easily overcome. They had a rough start but quickly overcame. It was a really cute movie and made me wish I had a close girlfriend, but man friends are so much work and you have to find them and… Oh well.

Anyway, I’d recommend this movie. It had it’s funny moments but it wasn’t hilarious. There were several surprise cameos from people I wasn’t expecting. The ending was kind of weak, but I understand why they did what they did. Overall, not bad and better than average.



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