Christmas Incorporated (2015)


Christmas Incorporated (2015)


Jonathan Wright


Penny Eizenga

Shenae Grimes-Beech

Steve Lund


Man inherited a company that has a toy factory in a small town. The town needs the factory to stay open. He goes to decide to keep or close the factory. Finds the meaning of Christmas along the way.


Okay the intro seems crazy and unrealistic but I’ve been in her same position looking for jobs and it can be exactly like that. Except for when she finally gets a job, that part was pure Hallmark.

Anyway, the movie goes out of its way to show that she has $89 in her bank account yet somehow she manages to deck out a house in Christmas decorations. Mayor is super creepy and the male lead comes off as a total ass, which he’s supposed to in the beginning but he’s a creepy ass. Lots of unintentional creepy in this movie.

Pacing is off and story feels disjointed. Not much chemistry between the actors, honestly all the actors seem really off in various ways.

This is definitely a Hallmark Christmas movie, but it is not one of their best and unless you’re desperate for background noise I wouldn’t recommend.




  1. Haha I feel the same way about most christmas movies. Somehow as long as Christmas is there, quality says “I’m Out!” haha. Are there any good festive movies you can recommend?


    1. Debbie Macomber Trading Christmas is the best Hallmark Christmas movie I’ve seen. It has good acting and a good script, which nine times out of ten is what’s wrong with made for TV Christmas movies. If you’re looking for just regular Christmas movies I have a ton I could recommend lol What kind are you looking for? Funny? Sentimental? Action packed?

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      1. I’m gonna check that out. I need to find more xmas movies to just cozy up and watch. Yes!! Funny and sentimental/romance movies please 🙂


      2. Love Actually is funny and very sentimental. Four Christmases, A very Harold and Kumar Christmas, and Christmas Vacation are all very funny. Some classic sentimental romance Christmas movies are Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and It’s a Wonderful Life.
        That’s a fair amount, though most of those are pretty popular so you might have already seen them. I’ve struck out this year on Hallmark movies, at least so far.

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