Library Haul 10-17-20

For the first time in weeks I didn’t have a single book for me to pickup. I did, however have a backbreaking number of books to pick up for my kids. My library system is pretty awesome and have a program where they will pick out kids books for you. You tell them what kind and how many and then come pick them up. It’s wonderful!

I’m still making my way through The Constant Rabbit. So far I’m enjoying it, but I’m already getting mad at what’s going on in the story. It’s the usual Jasper Fforde writing style and humor, which I love. Hopefully I can finish it in the next couple of days.

Currently Reading: The Constant Rabbit

I just finished reading Kiss My Cupcake, like ten minutes ago, and I’m already starting the next. I’m on a roll! (Not really lol) My review will be posting tomorrow.

Next on my list is The Constant Rabbit by Jasper Fforde. I love Fforde, his Thursday Next series is so creative. I’ve given his books as Christmas presents. I even own some in hardback. However, I am a little apprehensive about this one. His last book that I read, Shades of Grey, wasn’t my favorite. It dragged a bit and I didn’t find it as entertaining. I’m hoping that The Constant Rabbit is more like his Nursery Crimes series and less like Shades of Grey. Either way, I’m still happy to be reading something from Fforde

Currently Reading: Kiss My Cupcake

I stayed up late last night and finished reading Boyfriend Material, my review will post tomorrow. Next on my list is Kiss My Cupcake. It’s my most recent library pickup but a few people are waiting on it.

Based on the blurb I’m expecting some good food scenes, a lot of sexual tension disguised with verbal barbs, and some humor maybe even hijinks.

We’ll see.

Are British Romance Books Longer?

This is super random, but I’m currently reading Boyfriend Material and it’s 421 pages. That seems pretty long for a modern romance. At least longer than usual. It reminded me of a book I’ve read recently that had British characters and seemed longer than usual. I can’t for the life of me remember the book, I’m not sure I finished it because I wasn’t a fan. Maybe it just felt longer because I didn’t like it?

Is this a thing? Or is it just me reading two flukes relatively close together? Are British romance books longer than American ones?? These are the things that pop into my mind when I should be doing something else.

10-11-20 Library Haul Update

The top book, Kiss My Cupcake by Helen Hunting is the the only book I picked up from the library. I thought I’d include everything I still have to read, though. Not pictured, Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall since that’s what I’m currently reading.

After this haul I’m hoping to try some more non-romance, or romance lite. I need a change of pace, I’m thinking Urban Fantasy. I’d love to read something similar to Ilona Andrews books. So if anyone has any recommendations please let me know in the comments.