Timeless (2016-?)


Timeless (2016-?)




Abigail Spencer

Matt Lanter

Garcia Flynn

Malcolm Barrett


An unlikely trio traveling through time to battle unknown criminals in order to protect history as we know it.


First, it’s a time travel show, I had to at least watch the pilot. Second, it started with an LBJ dick reference, how can you not like that? My biggest concern now is that I might like it too much which means it’s probably going to get canceled.

The way they handled time travel wasn’t groundbreaking, but that’s honestly what I want in a time travel show. I loved the fact that they came back to present day at the end and little things had changed, but only they knew about it. I liked Abigail Spencer’s character and Malcolm Barrett’s, but thought they were pushing it with Matt Lanter. I can suspend my disbelief that a pretty boy is delta force, but then he gets his ass handed to him in his first real fight and only survives cause a woman from the 30s jumps in with an iron skillet. Also, what little we know about his backstory so far is pretty cliché, all in all not my favorite character. Still, with all the time travel things could change, we’ll see.

Excited and hopeful but also cautious. In the past my favorite new shows were Almost Human and Limitless, not to mention a few other one season cancelations. Hopefully Timeless breaks the cycle.



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